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Lightning Landscape

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A Leading Hardscape Company in Ridgefield, WA

Do you want something more than a well-manicured lawn? Take your lawn to the next level with help from our hardscape company in Ridgefield, WA. As one of the most respected companies in the area, Lightning Landscape knows how to give your property a makeover that impresses. Let us make your landscape come to life! 

There’s more to a successful hardscape than laying a few pavers or adding a fence. Instead, hardscaping requires skill, creativity, and experience. Whether we are building a fence, installing a patio, or constructing a retaining wall, we rise above the ordinary to create the hardscape design you want. We make your outdoor spaces more likable and livable. Some of the work we provide includes:

  • Fence Building
  • Retaining Wall Installation
  • Patio Construction
  • French Drain Installation

Increase Your Property Value with a New Fence

Surround yourself with an attractive and well-built fence. There’s something special about a fence. It not only adds security to your home, but it improves your property value, so if you want to sell your home in the future, then installing a new fence is an excellent way to improve the asking price. That’s because people enjoy the character and privacy that a fence affords.

 You may like your neighbors, but you love your privacy. Fences allow you to enjoy your backyard without worrying about onlookers. If you have pets or young children, a fence is the best way to ensure they don’t roam. In addition, a fence adds more security to your home or business. It delineates your property line and discourages intruders. Surround yourself with a custom-made fence from our fence builder.

The Perfect Way to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Take the fun and entertainment outside on your new patio. Lightning Landscape provides brick patio construction. By extending the theme of your home to your patio or making the outside area the focal point of your landscape, we add dramatic architectural appeal to your property. Don’t go to a big-box store to purchase square concrete pavers. If you want to create a beautiful deck that your family and friends can enjoy, turn to our paver patio contractor for customized services.

Give Your Lawn Unique Appeal

Accent the lay of your landscape with functional and decorative custom retaining walls. Even though we specialize in landscape services, we also show off your new lawn with a retaining wall. Strong, practical, and distinctively attractive, these hardscape features serve a dual purpose: to control water flow and to add striking appeal to your lawn. As a fully licensed contractor, we build all types of walls from simple and complex to small and large. Show off your new lawn and save it from erosion with a retaining wall.

Contact us if you want to upgrade the appeal and value of your property with hardscape installation. We proudly serve clients throughout Ridgefield, WA, and the surrounding areas.